Lorna G

When I first found out about Heather and what Jam Room was all about it was at one of their Showcases. It was amazing, everyone was having so much fun and the vibe just draws you in. I found out how to join and am so glad to be a part of the Jam Room family! Heather is awesome and it doesn’t matter what your singing or playing level is you’re gonna have a blast learning from Heather and playing music with everyone you meet.

You know, and I know, at some point in your life you wanted to be a rock star or an astronaut. Maybe it’s too late for the astronaut experience but it’s not too late to be a rock star! The JamRoom offers a deep dive into the whole rock vibe. This is Austin….and it’s all about music. And now we get to have a piece of the pie too! I mean we played at Stubbs! Need I say more ? You know you want to.

Virg A

Julie W

Heather has created a welcoming collaborative space where your abilities are celebrated, your skills sharpened and your confidence boosted. Right when you walk in, you feel like you’ve known her forever. Also, she kicks ass! (Can I say a**? ha) Great friendships are made all around and it’s an honor to be a part of something so magical!

What tired mom in a sticky minivan doesn’t daydream about becoming a rock star?? Well get out of that minivan and head to Heather Webb’s Jam Room where she can turn those fantasies into reality! Players of all levels (even newbies) are always welcome, and Heather works her magic to get you playing confidently onstage in only 6 weeks. Do it for yourself, because everyone deserves the chance to be a rockstar!

Susan G

Erik K

If you ever dreamed of singing and/or jamming on an instrument in a rock band, your dream is not out of reach. Don’t let another opportunity pass you by. Grab life by the guitar neck or drum sticks and join one of many bands that Heather puts together based on different genres within rock. Whether it’s rockabilly, heavy metal, folk songs, or good ol’ classic rock and roll, there is a group that you will love. You’ll meet the best people, learn more than you thought possible and then after rehearsing several songs for weeks, you’ll get to perform on stage in a real venue. We’ve done music videos, we pose for band posters, and everybody loves to get immersed in their roles by dressing the part. Heather’s talent knows no bounds. She can teach you any instrument and has real world rock band experience. Come join and be part of the Jam Room family!

Heather is great! She knows how to bring a group of ladies together and make us sound fantastic! She has tips and tricks to make difficult songs easy to do. So much fun and she knows her stuff!


Pam C

Heather and her classes are terrific. If you’ve ever wanted to learn to play an instrument, sing and play with a band, this is the place to be. Great camaraderie. Loads of fun. Just do it!